C AMQP Protocol Engine API  0.7
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pn_atom_t Struct Reference

#include <codec.h>

Collaboration diagram for pn_atom_t:

Public Attributes

pn_type_t type
union {
   bool   as_bool
   uint8_t   as_ubyte
   int8_t   as_byte
   uint16_t   as_ushort
   int16_t   as_short
   uint32_t   as_uint
   int32_t   as_int
   pn_char_t   as_char
   uint64_t   as_ulong
   int64_t   as_long
   pn_timestamp_t   as_timestamp
   float   as_float
   double   as_double
   pn_decimal32_t   as_decimal32
   pn_decimal64_t   as_decimal64
   pn_decimal128_t   as_decimal128
   pn_uuid_t   as_uuid
   pn_bytes_t   as_bytes

Member Data Documentation

bool pn_atom_t::as_bool
int8_t pn_atom_t::as_byte
pn_bytes_t pn_atom_t::as_bytes
pn_char_t pn_atom_t::as_char
pn_decimal128_t pn_atom_t::as_decimal128
pn_decimal32_t pn_atom_t::as_decimal32
pn_decimal64_t pn_atom_t::as_decimal64
double pn_atom_t::as_double
float pn_atom_t::as_float
int32_t pn_atom_t::as_int
int64_t pn_atom_t::as_long
int16_t pn_atom_t::as_short
pn_timestamp_t pn_atom_t::as_timestamp
uint8_t pn_atom_t::as_ubyte
uint32_t pn_atom_t::as_uint
uint64_t pn_atom_t::as_ulong
uint16_t pn_atom_t::as_ushort
pn_uuid_t pn_atom_t::as_uuid
pn_type_t pn_atom_t::type
union { ... } pn_atom_t::u

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