C AMQP Protocol Engine API  0.7
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util.h File Reference
#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
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PN_EXTERN void pni_parse_url (char *url, char **scheme, char **user, char **pass, char **host, char **port, char **path)
PN_EXTERN void pn_fatal (const char *fmt,...)
PN_EXTERN void pn_vfatal (const char *fmt, va_list ap)

Function Documentation

PN_EXTERN void pn_fatal ( const char *  fmt,
PN_EXTERN void pn_vfatal ( const char *  fmt,
va_list  ap 
PN_EXTERN void pni_parse_url ( char *  url,
char **  scheme,
char **  user,
char **  pass,
char **  host,
char **  port,
char **  path