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Qpid Broker-J 7.1.5 Release Notes

Qpid Broker-J is a message broker written in Java that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-8306 - [Broker-J] Add ability to update TLS transport on AMQP port after changing keystore, trustores or other TLS related attributes
  • QPID-8330 - [Broker-J] Upgrade jetty dependencies to version 9.4.19.v20190610
  • QPID-8332 - [Broker-J] Upgrade slf4j dependency to version 1.7.26
  • QPID-8333 - [Broker-J] Upgrade logback dependencies to version 1.2.3
  • QPID-8334 - [Broker-J] Upgrade hamcrest dependency to version 2.1
  • QPID-8339 - [Broker-J] Upgrade junit dependency to version 4.12
  • QPID-8340 - [Broker-J] Upgrade mockito to version 2.28.2
  • QPID-8348 - [Broker-J] Add ability to reload keystore/truststore
  • QPID-8353 - [Broker-J][JMS AMQP 0-x] Add support for TLSv1.3
  • QPID-8354 - [Broker-J][JMS AMQP 0-x] Backlist TLSv1.1
  • QPID-8363 - [Broker-J] Add support for GSSAPI bind into SimpleLDAP authentication provider
  • QPID-8364 - [Broker-J] Add support for SPNEGO authentication into HTTP management
  • QPID-8365 - [Broker-J] Upgrade jackson dependencies to version 2.9.10

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-8126 - [Broker-J][SimpleLDAP] NPE is reported into broker logs when search user is specified but search password is not set
  • QPID-8289 - [Broker-J] Broker startup can fail due to ConcurrentModificationException
  • QPID-8341 - [Broker-J] Reject overflow policy can erroneously rejects messages when maximumQueueDepthBytes is specified
  • QPID-8342 - [Broker-J] Concurrent object creation with virtual host auto-creation policy can fail
  • QPID-8343 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0] Broker mistakenly creates durable dynamic destinations for lifetime policies "delete-on-close", "delete-on-no-links", "delete-on-no-messages" or "delete-on-no-links-or-messages"
  • QPID-8344 - [Broker-J] Generation of virtal host registry dump fails
  • QPID-8345 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0] Consumed messages are left in acquired state on a queue when receiver's desired snd-settle-mode is set to settled and transactions are not used for message receiving
  • QPID-8355 - [Broker-J] BrokerAttributeInjector can't load HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean on Eclipse J9
  • QPID-8356 - [Broker-J] ACL rule properties 'from_network' and 'from_hostname' are lost on loading ACL from file in 'RuleBased' access control provider
  • QPID-8357 - [Broker-J][AMQP 1.0] Broker-J does not set property 'open' performative property 'sole-connection-eforcement-policy' when 'close-existing' eforcement policy is requested
  • QPID-8366 - [Broker-J] The loss of BDB HA majority on invocation of house keeping operations can crash the broker
  • QPID-8371 - [Broker-J][WMC] The error messages are not communicated back to user of web management console on attempt to invoke operation without sufficient permissions