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qdstat manual page.


qdstat [options]


qdstat shows status information about networks of Dispatch routers. It can display connections, network nodes and links, and router stats such as memory use.


-h, –help : show this help message and exit

–version : Print version and exit.

-g, –general : Show General Router Stats

-c, –connections : Show Connections

-l, –links : Show Router Links

-n, –nodes : Show Router Nodes

-a, –address : Show Router Addresses

-m, –memory : Show Broker Memory Stats

-v, –verbose : Show maximum detail

–log : Show recent log entries

–limit=LIMIT : Limit number of log entries

Connection Options.

-b URL, –bus=URL : URL of the messaging bus to connect to (default

-r ROUTER-ID, –router=ROUTER-ID : Router to be queried

-t SECS, –timeout=SECS : Maximum time to wait for connection in seconds (default 5)

–ssl-certificate=CERT : Client SSL certificate (PEM Format)

–ssl-key=KEY : Client SSL private key (PEM Format)

–ssl-trustfile=TRUSTED-CA-DB : Trusted Certificate Authority Database file (PEM Format)

–ssl-password=PASSWORD : Certificate password, will be prompted if not specifed.

See also.

qdrouterd(8), qdmanage(8), qdrouterd.conf(5)