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Qpid Dispatch 1.4.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1082 - Log messages can not be correlated to a specific connection
  • DISPATCH-1099 - Add a timer facility for the core thread
  • DISPATCH-1103 - auto-links should retry after detach
  • DISPATCH-1105 - Remove untested and presumed unused iovec facility
  • DISPATCH-1107 - Need info for logs to help disambiguate router connections
  • DISPATCH-1108 - Tests failing in travis due to import errors
  • DISPATCH-1109 - use serving host and port as defaults for connect screen in console served by router
  • DISPATCH-1123 - Add a link-endpoint API for in-core modules that need to terminate links
  • DISPATCH-1128 - Add delivery rate to connection mouseover on topology page
  • DISPATCH-1129 - Receiver crash due to data corruption on multicast streamed messages
  • DISPATCH-1130 - Expose which message priority is being handled by an inter-router link
  • DISPATCH-1132 - Cleanup and memory reduction in the message module
  • DISPATCH-1133 - Router core modules for Core extensions

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-1010 - Intermittent test failure with system_tests_disallow_link_resumable_link_route
  • DISPATCH-1081 - Messages to multicast addresses are being released when no receivers attached
  • DISPATCH-1086 - Dispatch Router sporadically goes into a state where TLS connections to the auth service fail
  • DISPATCH-1090 - Transfer/Disposition(state=release) loop forms when application disconnects abruptly from brokered queue until link credit is exhausted.
  • DISPATCH-1098 - Fedora 28 python3-only test issues
  • DISPATCH-1101 - system_tests_link_routes_add_external_prefix failure on python3
  • DISPATCH-1102 - Add/Delete link route prefix memory leak
  • DISPATCH-1104 - qdstat --log log levels are wrong
  • DISPATCH-1106 - Interrouter link name collisions when routers started in same second
  • DISPATCH-1110 - Intermittent router hang while running QIT's AMQP large content test
  • DISPATCH-1111 - auth delegation plugin: authenticated identity should be taken from nested map
  • DISPATCH-1112 - Interconnect not sending the detach response under load
  • DISPATCH-1113 - Can't update log/AUTHSERVICE
  • DISPATCH-1116 - qdmanage lets the module of log instance be changed
  • DISPATCH-1117 - doc on update logging with qdmanage is inaccurate
  • DISPATCH-1118 - Fix Valgrind errors in the tests
  • DISPATCH-1119 - Assert in qdr_del_link_ref in self test system_tests_multi_tenancy
  • DISPATCH-1121 - qd_parse_as_(u)int() fails to detect over/underflow of 32bit integers
  • DISPATCH-1126 - ERROR Attempt to attach too many inter-router links for priority sheaf.
  • DISPATCH-1131 - validate link route prefix field
  • DISPATCH-1134 - Console test should be skipped if it was manually executed but console was not built
  • DISPATCH-1137 - Connection info contains stale pointer to container id