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Qpid Dispatch 1.6.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1243 - Change Valgrind configuration to run only qdrouterd under valgrind
  • DISPATCH-1251 - Allow traffic animations to run simultaneaously on console's topology page.
  • DISPATCH-1255 - Test execution with python3 modifies files in source directory
  • DISPATCH-1269 - Improve error handling for remote_sasl.c plugin
  • DISPATCH-1278 - Add support for prometheus metrics export
  • DISPATCH-1281 - Performance - Batch the freeing of messages from the core thread
  • DISPATCH-1289 - Logging and Management Enhancements
  • DISPATCH-1290 - expose simple http base health check
  • DISPATCH-1291 - Update console to use router-generated link settlement rates
  • DISPATCH-1296 - Change use of pn_ssl_domain_allow_unsecured_client() to pn_transport_require_encryption()
  • DISPATCH-1299 - Provide API access to the already existing safe-reference capability in alloc-pool

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-1242 - [tools] Scraper does not highlight incomplete transfers
  • DISPATCH-1244 - New senders/receivers/edge routers first appear too close to router in console
  • DISPATCH-1245 - Console build generates new warnings about potential vulnerabilities
  • DISPATCH-1247 - Leak of bitmask during message annotation
  • DISPATCH-1248 - leak of core timers on shutdown
  • DISPATCH-1252 - Display connect page if console is disconnected
  • DISPATCH-1254 - qdstat sometimes raises "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable"
  • DISPATCH-1257 - qdstat & qdmanage send bad initial response for EXTERNAL if --sasl-mechanisms is specified
  • DISPATCH-1260 - Closing traffic animation doesn't always work
  • DISPATCH-1261 - Builds failing on CentOS7
  • DISPATCH-1262 - GCC 8.2 format-truncation error in router/src/main.c
  • DISPATCH-1263 - Symbol for sender/receiver is incorrect on console's topology page
  • DISPATCH-1267 - Bad_configuration test fails intermittently
  • DISPATCH-1272 - Router crashes when detach from receiver and detach from broker arrive at the same time on a link route
  • DISPATCH-1273 - 'to' field not authorized against valid targets for anonymous sender
  • DISPATCH-1275 - Enable deletion of connections based on connection id
  • DISPATCH-1276 - Spontaneous drop of client connection causes crash on edge router
  • DISPATCH-1277 - max-frame-size defaults to 2147483647 if it is not specified in the policy
  • DISPATCH-1285 - Router crashes occasionally on system_tests_delivery_abort
  • DISPATCH-1287 - router gets confused by clients response to drain and subsequently issue too little credit
  • DISPATCH-1288 - Optionally enforce access policy on connections established by the router
  • DISPATCH-1292 - Coverity issues on main branch
  • DISPATCH-1293 - Show traffic for stand-alone router
  • DISPATCH-1297 - Fix buffer reference counting for multiframe fanout messages
  • DISPATCH-1301 - Management messages lost


  • DISPATCH-1115 - Configure Travis to run Dispatch tests agianst the latest Proton release and Proton main branch