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Qpid Dispatch 1.9.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-480 - Default tests timeout is too short for some machines
  • DISPATCH-1266 - Improve router's handling of unsettled multicast deliveries
  • DISPATCH-1338 - Improvements to edge router documentation
  • DISPATCH-1345 - Reduce the number of QDR_LINK_FLOW events by coalescing credit grants
  • DISPATCH-1346 - Create documentation for priority delivery
  • DISPATCH-1347 - Update documentation for Dispatch Router console
  • DISPATCH-1350 - Update logging/monitoring documentation
  • DISPATCH-1353 - Document how to configure access policy control on router-initiated connections
  • DISPATCH-1354 - Interrouter annotation processing uses slow methods
  • DISPATCH-1370 - Move the schema, connect, and entities tabs to the right in the console
  • DISPATCH-1374 - Add qdstat options --all-routers and all-entities which display statistics of all routers and displays all entities
  • DISPATCH-1376 - Make it easier to change the product name in the console
  • DISPATCH-1379 - Message receive performance improvements
  • DISPATCH-1381 - Create documentation for configuring fallback destinations
  • DISPATCH-1382 - Document ability to force-close a connection from the web console
  • DISPATCH-1388 - Authorization doc fails to describe vhost abstraction clearly
  • DISPATCH-1389 - Optimize the parsing of message annotations
  • DISPATCH-1396 - Doc how to start the router
  • DISPATCH-1402 - Document unsettled multicast

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-1256 - Throughput gets worse as more routers are added
  • DISPATCH-1359 - Set ctest timeout to 300 seconds.
  • DISPATCH-1361 - system_tests_fallback_dest hanging in some cases
  • DISPATCH-1362 - Shutdown crash when trying to clean up fallback addresses
  • DISPATCH-1365 - Table of links with delayed deliveries is showing all endpoint links
  • DISPATCH-1378 - missing lock of connection's links_with_work list
  • DISPATCH-1380 - qdrouterd leaves dangling qd_link_t pointer
  • DISPATCH-1383 - system_tests_policy is timing out
  • DISPATCH-1387 - Coverity issues on main branch
  • DISPATCH-1391 - Proton link reference not cleared on router link objects during session close
  • DISPATCH-1394 - qd_check_message() incorrectly validates partially received messages
  • DISPATCH-1398 - "Expression with no effect" warning for console web
  • DISPATCH-1404 - message annotation parsing incorrectly uses ->remainder for current buffer capacity
  • DISPATCH-1406 - Inter-router link stall on receive client failover
  • DISPATCH-1407 - Memory leak on link policy denial
  • DISPATCH-1408 - system_tests_distribution failing when running under valgrind
  • DISPATCH-1410 - attach of auto-links not logged
  • DISPATCH-1413 - failing intermittently on Travis
  • DISPATCH-1417 - Crash when connection_wake ctx points to freed memory