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Qpid JMS 0.3.0 Release Notes

Qpid JMS is a complete Java Message Service 1.1 client built using the Qpid Proton protocol engine.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPIDJMS-53 - treat messages with a Data section and common textual content-type values as TextMessage
  • QPIDJMS-55 - Add support for using standard AMQP ports if the URI fails to provide one
  • QPIDJMS-61 - add support for setting the sasl / open frame 'hostname'
  • QPIDJMS-64 - Throw a JMSException with a more consistent error message when connection attempts fail
  • QPIDJMS-70 - Add a redelivery policy to control when the client should reject new deliveries based on the delivery count.

Bugs fixed

  • QPIDJMS-48 - inconsistent handling of property names in Message methods
  • QPIDJMS-49 - handle messages with an unknown content-type
  • QPIDJMS-52 - support charset parameter in content-type value
  • QPIDJMS-54 - remove extraneous indirection around selector verification
  • QPIDJMS-56 - throw InvalidClientIDException rather than JMSException when hint present that container-id was the problem field
  • QPIDJMS-57 - ErrorCondition 'info' field lookups should use Symbol keys
  • QPIDJMS-58 - when a connection redirect error is received, the original connection details will be used first
  • QPIDJMS-59 - uri pool object is not thread safe but is accessed by multiple threads
  • QPIDJMS-60 - using 'nested options' causes issues when adding/removing a URI from the pool object
  • QPIDJMS-62 - ensure that a body section is always sent when using ObjectMessage
  • QPIDJMS-63 - SASL ANONYMOUS doesn't seem to work against the C++ broker
  • QPIDJMS-65 - updated SASL mechanism selection to consider available credentials
  • QPIDJMS-66 - fix documentation of URI option for ClientID
  • QPIDJMS-67 - AMQP header and Open+Close frames are sent after a SASL failure
  • QPIDJMS-71 - calling receive(0) on a consumer always returns null
  • QPIDJMS-72 - update discovery uri syntax for consistency and add some basic documentation