Qpid Proton C API  0.34.0
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 codec.hAMQP data encoding and decoding.
 condition.hAn endpoint error state.
 connection.hA connection to a remote AMQP peer.
 connection_driver.hUnsettled API - An API for low-level IO integration.
 delivery.hA message transfer.
 disposition.hA delivery state.
 error.hA Proton API error.
 event.hProtocol and transport events.
 link.hA channel for transferring messages.
 listener.hUnsettled API - A listener for incoming connections.
 logger.hFacility for logging messages.
 message.hA mutable holder of application content.
 messenger.hDeprecated - Use the Proactor API or Qpid Proton C++.
 netaddr.hUnsettled API - The network address of a proactor transport.
 proactor.hUnsettled API - An API for multithreaded IO.
 sasl.hSASL secure transport layer.
 session.hA container of links.
 ssl.hSSL secure transport layer.
 terminus.hA source or target for messages.
 transport.hA network channel supporting an AMQP connection.
 types.hAMQP and API data types.
 url.hDeprecated - Use a third-party URL library.