Package org.apache.qpid.protonj2.buffer

package org.apache.qpid.protonj2.buffer
  • Class
    Buffer type abstraction used to provide users of the proton library with a means of using their own type of byte buffer types in combination with the library tooling.
    Interface for any buffer access implementation which provides consistent read and write APIs for primitive values.
    Interface for a ProtonBuffer allocator object that can be used by Proton objects to create memory buffers using the preferred type of the application or library that embeds the Proton engine.
    Proton Buffer related error that indicates that the buffer is closed and cannot be accessed for any further buffer operations.
    A buffer component represents a single component of the memory backing a ProtonBuffer which could be a buffer that inherently made up of more than one section of memory or it could be a intentional composite buffer that collect individual buffers each with their own component backing.
    Provides a way of accessing the internal components of a ProtonBuffer which can be used to gain access to underlying buffer internals for IO or other low level buffer operations.
    An InputStream that can be used to adapt a ProtonBuffer for use in the standard streams API.
    An Iterator like API for accessing the underlying bytes of the target buffer one at a time.
    Functional interface for defining standard or commonly used consumers of the bytes provided by a ProtonBufferIterator.
    ProtonBuffer specialized OutputStream implementation which can be used to adapt the proton buffer types into code that uses the streams API.
    Proton Buffer related error that indicates that the buffer is read-only and cannot be accessed for any further buffer write operations.
    Set of Utility methods useful when dealing with byte arrays and other primitive types.
    Defines the API for a specialized buffer type that is a composite of other buffer instances which is presented as a single buffer view.