Class SaslResponseTypeEncoder

    • Constructor Detail

      • SaslResponseTypeEncoder

        public SaslResponseTypeEncoder()
    • Method Detail

      • getTypeClass

        public java.lang.Class<SaslResponse> getTypeClass()
        the Class type that this encoder handles.
      • getDescriptorCode

        public UnsignedLong getDescriptorCode()
        the UnsignedLong value to use as the Descriptor for this type.
      • getDescriptorSymbol

        public Symbol getDescriptorSymbol()
        the Symbol value to use as the Descriptor for this type.
      • getListEncoding

        public byte getListEncoding​(SaslResponse value)
        Description copied from class: AbstractDescribedListTypeEncoder
        Determine the list type the given value can be encoded to based on the number of bytes that would be needed to hold the encoded form of the resulting list entries.

        Most encoders will return LIST32 but for cases where the type is known to be encoded to LIST8 or always encodes an empty list (LIST0) the encoder can optimize the encode step and not compute sizes.

        getListEncoding in class AbstractDescribedListTypeEncoder<SaslResponse>
        value - The value that is to be encoded.
        the encoding code of the list type encoding needed for this object.