Class ProtonSessionIncomingWindow

  • public class ProtonSessionIncomingWindow
    extends java.lang.Object
    Tracks the incoming window and provides management of that window in relation to receiver links.

    The incoming window decreases as Transfer frames arrive and is replenished when the user reads the bytes received in the accumulated payload of a delivery. The window is expanded by sending a Flow frame to the remote with an updated incoming window value at configured intervals based on reads from the pending deliveries.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProtonSessionIncomingWindow

        public ProtonSessionIncomingWindow​(ProtonSession session)
    • Method Detail

      • setIncomingCapacity

        public void setIncomingCapacity​(int incomingCapacity)
      • getIncomingCapacity

        public int getIncomingCapacity()
      • getRemainingIncomingCapacity

        public int getRemainingIncomingCapacity()
      • getIncomingBytes

        public long getIncomingBytes()
      • getNextIncomingId

        public long getNextIncomingId()
      • getIncomingWindow

        public long getIncomingWindow()