Class AbstractPrimitiveTypeEncoder<V>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPrimitiveTypeEncoder

        public AbstractPrimitiveTypeEncoder()
    • Method Detail

      • isArrayType

        public boolean isArrayType()
        Specified by:
        isArrayType in interface TypeEncoder<V>
        true if the type handled by this encoded is an AMQP Array type.
      • writeArray

        public void writeArray​(ProtonBuffer buffer,
                               EncoderState state,
                               java.lang.Object[] values)
        Description copied from interface: TypeEncoder
        Write an array elements of the AMQP type to the given byte buffer.

        This method writes the full Array type definition of an array of the type this encoder manages.

        Specified by:
        writeArray in interface TypeEncoder<V>
        buffer - The buffer to write the AMQP array elements to
        state - The current encoder state
        values - The array of values that is to be written.