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The goal of Proton is to provide ubiquitous access to a global-scale interoperable message bus based on AMQP 1.0. At its core Proton provides three parallel implementations of the AMQP 1.0 protocol, one in C, one in Java, and one in Javascript. These implementations all share the same architecture and interface and are rigorously tested against a single common test suite to guarantee identical behavior. These three implementations serve as the basis for delivering protocol access to a wide variety of environments.

The common architecture used by the protocol engines is designed to be a suitable basis for both high performance-network servers and simple clients, and to be usable in both threaded and non-threaded contexts. In short, with the use of binding tools such as SWIG, it is the goal of Proton to make it trivial for any application to speak AMQP 1.0 regardless of language, platform, or environment.