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Qpid employs revision control to track and manage changes to its source code. Qpid uses the Subversion revision control system.

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Check out the code

To access the repository anonymously, use the svn checkout command with one of the Subversion URLs below.

% svn checkout qpid

Qpid Dispatch
% svn checkout dispatch

When adding files to Subversion, it's important that the appropriate Subversion properties are set. The client can do it automatically by modifying the auto-props section of the Subversion config file. Use the contents of qpid/etc/svn-auto-props.

Install the code

Consult the install documentation below.


Read-only Git mirrors are available. Use one of the following commands.

% git clone git://

Qpid Dispatch
% git clone git://

If you have commit access, it's also possible to commit back with git svn dcommit by following the instructions on the Git at Apache page.

Qpid Proton uses Git as its primary source control. See the links for Qpid Proton source code.

Continuous integration

Qpid uses Jenkins to perform continuous integration of the latest changes.


The traffic on these lists is automatically generated. Please do not post any messages to them.

To subscribe, send an email with subject "subscribe" to the subscribe address. To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe" to the unsubscribe address.

Commits list

Alerts for changes committed to the Qpid source.

Notifications list

Alerts for build and test failures from our continuous integration servers.

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