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Affected components

Qpid Broker-J

Affected versions

0.18 through 0.32

Fixed versions



If the broker is configured with different authentication providers on different ports one of which is an HTTP port, then the broker can be tricked by a remote unauthenticated attacker connecting to the HTTP port into using an authentication provider that was configured on a different port. The attacker still needs valid credentials with the authentication provider on the spoofed port. This becomes an issue when the spoofed port has weaker authentication protection (e.g., anonymous access, default accounts) and is normally protected by firewall rules or similar which can be circumvented by this vulnerability. AMQP ports are not affected. Versions 6.0.0 and newer are not affected.


Users of affected versions who have more than one port and different authentication providers configured on them should upgrade to a later unaffected version (recommended).


If upgrading the broker is not possible then users should ensure all their authentication providers offer an equal amount of protection. In particular, authentication providers with default accounts and those with anonymous access should be removed if other providers in use require credentials.