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Mailing lists

Mailing lists are the primary means of collaboration at Qpid.

Subscribe to these lists by sending an email to the subscribe address listed, not the main list address, and you will receive a verification email. To unsubscribe, send an email to the unsubscribe address. Responses to list postings go back to the list, you must subscribe to receive them.

List Purpose Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives General discussion users-unsubscribe@ ASF, ASF2, Nabble Issue notifications dev-unsubscribe@ ASF, ASF2, Nabble

Qpid also offers lists for commits and notifications.

Archives for the retired proton@ list are also available (ASF, Nabble) for historic reference. Going forward, use the users list for discussion of Proton.

NOTE: The Qpid project offers various components in many different languages. When mailing the lists, please be specific about which components (or even which part of them) and which versions that you are using. For example, "I'm using the Qpid Broker-J <version> with the Qpid JMS <version> AMQP 1.0 client" rather than "I'm using the broker and JMS client".


We hang out on #qpid on freenode.

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