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Qpid uses an issue tracking system to organize its work, breaking it into individual bugs, enhancements, and tasks. Qpid uses the JIRA issue tracking system.

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JIRA allows users to anonymously search issues, but an account is required to create new ones. Sign up for an account.

Before reporting a bug, search the existing issues to see if it has already been reported. If it has, feel free to add a comment describing the case where you see it.

If it hasn't, it's time to report a bug. Two guidelines are essential.

  • Be specific. What version of the software are you using? What component? What OS are you running it on? What are you trying to do? (Someone might very well buy you a beer if you include a script that reproduces the problem.)

  • Don't pile more than one problem into one bug. The developer workflow requires discrete tasks that can be prioritized and resolved independently.

If you're not sure what to put into a field, don't sweat it. The important fields are Summary, Environment, and Description.

Bug reports are highly useful contributions. We appreciate the time you give to make Qpid better.


Alerts for new and updated issues are directed to the developer list.

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