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Submitting Patches

All contributions are greatly appreciated, but the process can be significantly streamlined by taking note of the following guidelines.

Run the full test suite

Make sure the full test suite runs with your change in place. Even if you think your change is very localized, there may be subtle repurcussions that impact other parts of the code. If your change causes the test suite to fail, then it can't be accepted until a more complete fix is prepared.

Keep it small

Most of the people that work on proton have a day job of some kind. If reviewing a patch requires carving out multiple hours/days, then it is much less likely to happen. On the other hand if the patch is neat, self contained, and just works then it can be reviewed and applied quite quickly.

If you happen to have a larger body of work you'd like to contribute and there is a good reason that it's difficult to break it down into small pieces, that's ok too, but expect the whole process to take a bit longer. In this situation you can help things along by providing an outline/overview in english to make the work easier to digest.

Keep it clean

Extraneous whitespace can clutter up diffs and make them more difficult to read than they need to be. It's generally good practice to avoid introducing extraneous whitespace into files under source control. Most editors can be configured to remove and/or display extraneous whitespace automatically.