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Full details of configuration options are provided in the sections that follow. This section gives a brief overview of what the Transaction Timeout feature can do.

When the openWarn or idleWarn specified threshold is exceeded, the broker will log a WARN level alert with details of the connection on which the threshold has been exceeded, along with the age of the transaction.

When the openClose or idleClose specified threshold value is exceeded, the broker will throw an exception back to the client connection via the ExceptionListener, log the action and then close the connection.

The example broker log output shown below is where the idleWarn threshold specified is lower than the idleClose threshold and the broker therefore logs the idle transaction 3 times before the close threshold is triggered and the connection closed out.

CON-1011 : Idle Transaction : 13,116 ms
CON-1011 : Idle Transaction : 14,116 ms
CON-1011 : Idle Transaction : 15,118 ms
CON-1002 : Close : Idle transaction timed out

The second example broker log output shown below illustrates the same mechanism operating on an open transaction.

CON-1010 : Open Transaction : 12,406 ms
CON-1010 : Open Transaction : 13,406 ms
CON-1010 : Open Transaction : 14,406 ms
CON-1002 : Close : Open transaction timed out