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Qpid Broker-J 9.0.0 Release Notes

Qpid Broker-J is a message broker written in Java that stores, routes, and forwards messages using AMQP.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • QPID-8368 - [Broker-J] Graylog support
  • QPID-8456 - [Broker-J] Configurable shutdown timeout
  • QPID-8484 - [Broker-J] Reimplementation of the limit number of connections per user
  • QPID-8487 - [Broker-J] Enhance ACL rule evaluation
  • QPID-8488 - [Broker-J] Enhance ACL rule with multi-value properties
  • QPID-8545 - [Broker-J] SSL Engine looping circuit breaker
  • QPID-8547 - [Broker-J] Configurable parameters for CoalescingCommiter
  • QPID-8548 - [Broker-J] Enhance ACL file loading and parsing
  • QPID-8558 - [Broker-J] Enhancement of sole connection enforcement policy evaluation
  • QPID-8563 - [Broker-J] Purge all queues
  • QPID-8565 - [Broker-J] Enhancement of ACL rule predicates evaluation
  • QPID-8566 - [Broker-J] Implement composite authentication provider
  • QPID-8573 - [Broker-J] Logging enhancement of Sole Connection Enforcement Policy events
  • QPID-8578 - [Broker-J] ACL firewall predicates should be applied to HTTP(S) connections
  • QPID-8581 - [Broker-J] Query REST API improvements
  • QPID-8590 - [Broker-J] Purge on flow to disk queue
  • QPID-8591 - [Broker-J] Missing message id for add/update/delete user
  • QPID-8592 - [Broker-J] Pass context value from parent query into the subquery
  • QPID-8596 - [Broker-J] Migrate build process to JDK 11/17
  • QPID-8601 - [Broker-J] Instrumentation agent
  • QPID-8602 - [Broker-J] Show producer details in REST API
  • QPID-8603 - [Broker-J] Reset statistics
  • QPID-8612 - [Broker-J] Change default GC from CMS to G1

Bugs fixed

  • QPID-8452 - [Broker-J] Message larger than 2GB
  • QPID-8536 - [Broker-J] Incorrect check of maximum open connections
  • QPID-8568 - [Broker-J] Context variables disappear from All list in GUI context editor
  • QPID-8572 - [Broker-J] The binding is broken when queue and exchange have the same name
  • QPID-8588 - [Broker-J] NullPointerException in AbstractVirtualHost.autoCreateNode