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10.11. Reset Group Information

BDB JE internally stores details of the group within its database. There are some circumstances when resetting this information is useful.

  • Copying data between environments (e.g. production to UAT)

  • Some disaster recovery situations where a group must be recreated on new hardware

This is not an normal operation and is not usually required

The following command replaces the group table contained within the JE logs files with the provided information.

Example 10.1. Resetting of replication group with DbResetRepGroup

java -cp je-7.4.5.jar -h path/to/jelogfiles
-groupName newgroupname -nodeName newnodename -nodeHostPort newhostname:5000

The modified log files can then by copied into ${QPID_WORK}/<nodename>/config directory of a target Broker. Then start the Broker, and add a BDB HA Virtualhost node specify the same group name, node name and node address. You will then have a group with a single node, ready to start re-adding additional nodes as described above.