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7.3. Virtualhost Nodes

Virtualhost nodes can only be managed by the HTTP management channel.

7.3.1. Types

The following virtualhost nodes types are supported.

  • BDB - Node backed with Oracle Berkeley DB JE

  • BDB HA - Node backed with Oracle Berkeley DB JE utilising High Availability

  • DERBY - Node backed with Apache Derby

  • JDBC - Node backed with an external database [5]

  • JSON - Node backed with a file containing json

  • Memory - In-memory node (changes lost on Broker restart)

7.3.2. Attributes

  • Name the virtualhost node.

  • Default Virtual Host Node. If true, messaging clients which do not specify a virtualhost name will be connected to the virtualhost beneath this node.

  • Store Path or JDBC URL. Refers the location used to store the configuration of the virtualhost.

  • Role (HA only). The role that this node is currently playing in the group.

    • MASTER - Virtualhost node is a master.

    • REPLICA - Virtualhost node is a replica.

    • WAITING - Virtualhost node is awaiting an election result, or may be awaiting more nodes to join in order that an election may be held.

    • DETACHED - Virtualhost node is disconnected from the group.

  • Priority (HA only). The priority of this node when elections occurs. The attribute can be used to make it more likely for a node to be elected than other nodes, or disallow the node from never being elected at all. See Section 10.4.3, “Node Priority”

  • Minimum Number Of Nodes (HA only - groups of three or more). Allows the number of nodes required to hold an election to be reduced in order that service can be restore when less than quorum nodes are present. See Section 10.4.4, “Required Minimum Number Of Nodes”

  • Allow this node to operate solo (HA only - groups of two). Allows a single node in a two node group to operate solo. See Section 10.4.5, “Allow to Operate Solo”

7.3.4. Lifecycle

  • Stop. Stops the virtualhost node. This closes any existing messaging connections to the virtualhost and prevents new ones. Any inflight transactions are rolled back. Non durable queues and exchanges are lost. Transient messages or persistent messages on non-durable queues are lost.

    When HA is in use, stopping the virtualhost node stops the virtualhost node from participating in the group. If the node was in the master role, the remaining nodes will try to conduct an election and elect a new master. If the node was in the replica role, the node will cease to keep up to date with later transactions. A stopped node does not vote in elections. Other nodes in the group will report the stopped node as unreachable.

  • Start. Activates the virtualhost node.

  • Delete. Deletes the virtualhost node and the virtualhost contained within it. All exchanges and queues, any the messages contained within it are removed. In the HA case, deleting the virtualhost node causes it be removed permanently from the group.

[5] JDBC 4.0 compatible drivers must be available. See Section F.2, “Installing External JDBC Driver”