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6.4. Prometheus Metrics

This section describes the metrics endpoints exposing broker statistics in Prometheus format. The metrics endpoint is intended for scraping by Prometheus server to collect the Broker telemetry.

The Prometheus metric endpoints are mapped under /metrics path and /metrics/*. The latter allows to get the Virtual Host statistics by specify the path to the virtual host as /metrics/<virtual host node name>/< virtual host name>. The former allow to get all Broker statistics or Virtual Host statistics when called with HOST header set to the Virtual Host name

The metrics endpoints allow anonymous access by default. If required, an authentication can be enabled for the metrics endpoints by setting http management context variable qpid.httpManagement.enableMetricContentAuthentication to true.

The Broker JVM statistics are disabled by default. The metrics endpoints can be called with parameter includeDisabled set to true to include JVM broker metrics into endpoint output. If required, the JVM metrics could be enabled by setting context variable qpid.metrics.includeDisabled to true.


For more information about Prometheus, check out the prometheus documentation.