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Qpid Dispatch 1.13.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1568 - Add unittest framework for testing C code
  • DISPATCH-1633 - system_tests_sasl_plain intermittent test failure
  • DISPATCH-1636 - Extract the version advertized in the Open performative by the peer router
  • DISPATCH-1642 - Avoid extra search when adding address configs to parse tree
  • DISPATCH-1646 - Unable to delete listener with http enabled
  • DISPATCH-1656 - Allow user-configured connection properties in the Open performative
  • DISPATCH-1667 - Increase minimum required LibWebSockets version from 2.1.0 to 2.4.2
  • DISPATCH-1668 - Dockerfile instructions show how to use router debug core dump files
  • DISPATCH-1675 - system_tests_stuck_deliveries failure with AttributeError: 'DelayedSettlementTest' object has no attribute 'proxy'",
  • DISPATCH-1685 - Provide heap memory allocation wrappers that call abort() on failure to allocate
  • DISPATCH-1688 - Scraper needs a way to inject debug statements into log data web page
  • DISPATCH-1692 - Scraper improvements for sequence diagrams
  • DISPATCH-1717 - Fallback_destination test improvements: mnemonic names, unique msg data and link names
  • DISPATCH-1726 - Upgrade dependencies using dependabot PRs before the 1.13.0 release
  • DISPATCH-1732 - segfault when connecting to multitenant listener with policy but no hostname in open
  • DISPATCH-1739 - Use GitHub Actions w/ sharding and bubblewrap for some fast CI

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-960 - TCP port randomly assigned when using 'port: amqp' along with 'http: yes' on a listener
  • DISPATCH-1444 - Top level Dockerfile fails to build on centos:latest
  • DISPATCH-1494 - Qdstat heading for a memory display is Types
  • DISPATCH-1505 - [tools] Add policy and vhost information to qdstat
  • DISPATCH-1545 - Streaming deliveries can be delayed by head-of-line blocking on inter-router links
  • DISPATCH-1637 - Adding new config address, autolinks and link routes become slower as more get added
  • DISPATCH-1641 - If an oversize transfer is rejected then provide details in rejected outcome error field
  • DISPATCH-1644 - Suppress cmake warning about LIBWEBSOCKETS
  • DISPATCH-1645 - Max message size is demoted to INT from UINT64
  • DISPATCH-1657 - system_tests_router_mesh ASAN failure
  • DISPATCH-1658 - Receiver unable to receive messages on waypointed addresses
  • DISPATCH-1661 - system_tests_edge_router fails with ASAN leak
  • DISPATCH-1662 - system_tests_policy_oversize_compound fails with ASAN leak
  • DISPATCH-1664 - test_verify_z_connection_stats failing in system_tests_policy
  • DISPATCH-1669 - Compilation fails on macOS [-Werror,-Wformat]
  • DISPATCH-1670 - system_tests_edge_router.LinkRouteProxyTest.test_50_link_topology reports many objects that remain allocated after test finishes
  • DISPATCH-1676 - system_tests_policy failure on router shutdown
  • DISPATCH-1682 - Optimize the parse tree match algorithm to avoid O(N) lookup
  • DISPATCH-1690 - Pre-delivery messages leak on link close
  • DISPATCH-1691 - Hash symbol in vhost hostname is treated as a comment delimiter
  • DISPATCH-1693 - Edge router closes fallback receiver link when local primary receiver closes
  • DISPATCH-1694 - sys_thread_self() returns NULL pointer if called by main process thread
  • DISPATCH-1695 - Policy vhost groups description error
  • DISPATCH-1703 - router drops TransactionalState on produced messages on link routes
  • DISPATCH-1707 - Policy config file fails with cryptic error if trailing brace on wrong line
  • DISPATCH-1708 - Fallback destination test receives messages on wrong receiver
  • DISPATCH-1709 - Fallback destination rcvr on edge router is unaware that primary rcvr exited
  • DISPATCH-1715 - [clang-10] error: variable length array folded to constant array as an extension
  • DISPATCH-1716 - [clang] -fsanitize=address and -Wl,-z,defs compiler options are incompatible
  • DISPATCH-1718 - Qdstat for policy and vhostgroups not backwards compatible
  • DISPATCH-1721 - Qdstat table for vhostgroupsettings: too wide; missing default settings
  • DISPATCH-1722 - system_tests_qdstat fails when checking for presence Worker Threads
  • DISPATCH-1724 - Fallback destination fails when primary consumer is on an auto-link
  • DISPATCH-1727 - Dispatch Console mixes usage of npm with yarn
  • DISPATCH-1729 - Update console test file for DropdownMenu.js to pass required properties.
  • DISPATCH-1730 - Revert console's @testing-library/react from 10.4.7 to 9.5.0
  • DISPATCH-1733 - system_tests_open_properties failure due to qdr_connection_t leak
  • DISPATCH-1737 - Policy config parse errors report wrong line and column numbers
  • DISPATCH-1738 - system_tests_multicast failing on Ubuntu Focal
  • DISPATCH-1741 - Update console dependency for yargs-parser to avoid security warning