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Qpid Dispatch 1.16.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1800 - [dev-adaptors] message_body_data objects never freed
  • DISPATCH-1922 - Remove support for Python 2.6
  • DISPATCH-1923 - Remove support for Python 3.5
  • DISPATCH-1933 - Tests should produce JUnit-compatible XML report about individual tests (not aggregated CTest test targets)
  • DISPATCH-1955 - TCP adaptor logs could show total bytes and other statistics
  • DISPATCH-1961 - Add Q2 flow control support to HTTP/1.x adaptor
  • DISPATCH-2011 - Support hwasan variant of address sanitizer on Aarch64 in CMake
  • DISPATCH-2073 - [tcp] Support end-to-end flow control

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-1660 - Intermittent failure in system_tests_policy_oversize_basic
  • DISPATCH-1679 - leak: qd_connector_t and qd_timer_t
  • DISPATCH-1697 - Leak: qd_conn_identifier
  • DISPATCH-1698 - leak: qdr_connection_ref_t
  • DISPATCH-1723 - alloc.c: Items of type 'qdr_error_t' remain allocated at shutdown: 1
  • DISPATCH-1740 - system_tests_policy_oversize_compound fails due to an unsuppressed leak
  • DISPATCH-1756 - [macOS] failure in system_tests_http
  • DISPATCH-1835 - double free detected with tcp adapter
  • DISPATCH-1857 - concurrent tcp connection attempts can result in hangs
  • DISPATCH-1878 - Client app not getting a response through tcpListener
  • DISPATCH-1917 - Thread race accessing connector->conn_msg buffer (TSAN)
  • DISPATCH-1918 - Thread race between I/O and Core over link->undelivered and unsettled lists
  • DISPATCH-1921 - Skupper 0.4: malloc corrupted handling back-to-back TCP connections
  • DISPATCH-1925 - Thread race in qd_message_extend vs qd_message_stream_data_buffers
  • DISPATCH-1941 - Crash in HTTP1 adaptor: member access within null pointer of type 'const struct qd_buffer_t'
  • DISPATCH-1947 - TCP adaptor has no receive flow control
  • DISPATCH-1948 - ASAN flags alignment errors in alloc_poolc
  • DISPATCH-1949 - ASAN flags shift errors on signed conversion
  • DISPATCH-1959 - Update PatternFly packages for the 1.16.0 release
  • DISPATCH-1964 - TCP adaptor connection object should be a pooled type
  • DISPATCH-1965 - Dispatch does not compile with gcc 10 when -Og is used
  • DISPATCH-1968 - Crash after running series of 1Mb iperf3 against TCP adaptor
  • DISPATCH-1973 - ASan failure in system_tests_http2 in _update_qdr_http_request_info
  • DISPATCH-1981 - TCP adaptor Q2 test does not always trigger q2 holdoff
  • DISPATCH-1984 - [http1] compilation issue on s390
  • DISPATCH-1985 - system_test Logger class optionally also writes logs to a file
  • DISPATCH-1988 - Router crash when sending an empty transfer frame followed by an abort
  • DISPATCH-1997 - Cannot build on fedora rawhide
  • DISPATCH-2001 - streaming messages incorrectly use priority 0 inter-router links
  • DISPATCH-2003 - Qdstat memory usage truncated to uint32_t value
  • DISPATCH-2009 - Cannot build on fedora F34
  • DISPATCH-2012 - [tsan] data race warning in qdr_link_process_initial_delivery_CT
  • DISPATCH-2015 - [http1] ThreadSanitizer: data race in system_tests_http1_adaptor
  • DISPATCH-2016 - [test] system_test Tester.get_port() returns ports that fail with 'Address already in use' error
  • DISPATCH-2030 - core_link_endpoint.c: runtime error: store to misaligned address
  • DISPATCH-2038 - [test] AsyncTestReceiver has mutable default argument value
  • DISPATCH-2040 - Some details missing on dispositions forwarded by router on transacted sessions
  • DISPATCH-2043 - TCP adaptor log messages need attention
  • DISPATCH-2045 - qd_hash_internal_remove_item writes to freed (pooled) memory on router shutdown
  • DISPATCH-2046 - Panic in handle due to deleted connector.
  • DISPATCH-2050 - fields for received delivery state are not relayed
  • DISPATCH-2056 - AddressSanitizer: use-after-poison in qdr_connection_set_context during system_tests_tcp_adaptor, system_tests_http2
  • DISPATCH-2074 - Unused function in tcp_adaptor.c
  • DISPATCH-2075 - TCP adaptor requires 0.34 proton
  • DISPATCH-2088 - SEGV in qd_buffer_dec_fanout
  • DISPATCH-2089 - [tools] Scraper not html-escaping user transfer data properly
  • DISPATCH-2090 - [tools] Scraper mishandling non-terminal dispositions
  • DISPATCH-2091 - TCP adaptor does not close listener connection when RX window is full
  • DISPATCH-2098 - Crash when ctrl-c on router that has a libwebsockets listener connected to a console (2)
  • DISPATCH-2099 - [TCP] crash in qd_message_stream_data_release() on connection close
  • DISPATCH-2104 - qdstat --autolinks showing int32(0) in output


  • DISPATCH-1814 - Apply autofixes to resolve some flake8 code formatting issues
  • DISPATCH-1960 - Re-factor Q2 flow logic to allow adaptors to support Q2