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Qpid Dispatch 1.17.0 Release Notes

Dispatch is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 message router. More about Qpid Dispatch.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • DISPATCH-1539 - Python 2 has expired. What is the qpid-dispatch strategy going forward?
  • DISPATCH-2108 - TCP adaptor should aggregate statistics for listener and connector
  • DISPATCH-2142 - use dedicated buffers in tcp adaptor
  • DISPATCH-2178 - Do not build separate
  • DISPATCH-2198 - [http2] Implement http2 flow control that incorporates q2 blocking/unblocking
  • DISPATCH-2201 - Remove the type_registered global flag in router_node.c
  • DISPATCH-2211 - [http2] system_tests_grpc fails asan with one leaking http2 buffer
  • DISPATCH-2212 - [http2] When creating an AMQP message set its subject field to method (on request) and status (on response)
  • DISPATCH-2215 - [http2] Wrong printf format specifier in read_data_callback

Bugs fixed

  • DISPATCH-1619 - System test never closes connections created by wait_router_connected
  • DISPATCH-1623 - Investigate why the console sometimes drops the connection to the router a few seconds after login
  • DISPATCH-1772 - Fallback destination test prints insufficient data when it fails
  • DISPATCH-1865 - [http2] curl client hangs when running multiple clients against HTTP2 adaptor
  • DISPATCH-1878 - Client app not getting a response through tcpListener
  • DISPATCH-1896 - [http2] GOAWAY frame received from server not propagated to client
  • DISPATCH-1914 - Console Entities view looks to be misformatted
  • DISPATCH-1963 - Memory leak in http1 adaptor
  • DISPATCH-1975 - TCP adaptor sends only 512-byte packets over network
  • DISPATCH-1976 - HTTP1 adaptor must not call proton functions after pn_raw_connection_close
  • DISPATCH-1977 - [http2] adaptor must not call proton functions after pn_raw_connection_close
  • DISPATCH-1986 - [http1] system_tests_http1_adaptor failure due to Address already in use issue
  • DISPATCH-1995 - Dispatch docs build fails if -GNinja is used
  • DISPATCH-2013 - Http1AdaptorManagementTest fails with AssertionError: 0 != 1 : HTTP connection not deleted
  • DISPATCH-2037 - [http2] Thread race accessing qdr_http2_connection_t pings in system_tests_http2
  • DISPATCH-2041 - TSan data race reported from qd_connection_free in system_tests_edge_router
  • DISPATCH-2055 - AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free in write_log during system_tests_qdmanage
  • DISPATCH-2097 - [console] GUI displays many connections to pseudo-host egress-dispatch
  • DISPATCH-2100 - TCP adaptor half-closed fix does not have a self test
  • DISPATCH-2105 - [s390s] Compilation failure on Ubuntu Xenial: argument 1 range [18446744071562067968, 18446744073709551615] exceeds maximum object size 9223372036854775807 [-Werror=alloc-size-larger-than=]
  • DISPATCH-2106 - [HTTP2] coverity errors
  • DISPATCH-2107 - [libwebsockets] coverity error
  • DISPATCH-2110 - Qdstat number display formatting problems - need full audit
  • DISPATCH-2115 - Leak of qdr_link_route_t in system_tests_edge_router
  • DISPATCH-2136 - race accessing the aborted message flag
  • DISPATCH-2154 - Message abort flag should never be set false
  • DISPATCH-2158 - AddressSanitizer: use-after-poison in qdr_core_delete_link_route during system_tests_edge_router
  • DISPATCH-2161 - HTTP/1.x server connection hangs if client disconnects during response message
  • DISPATCH-2162 - HTTP/1.x throughput is abysmal.
  • DISPATCH-2163 - Generated file build/src/config.h does not have include guards
  • DISPATCH-2166 - Race accessing several message content flags and values
  • DISPATCH-2167 - HTTP/1.x server connection hangs if client request is aborted
  • DISPATCH-2177 - [http1] system_tests_http1 failing on test_04_client_request_close
  • DISPATCH-2184 - message receiver is not restarted by qd_message_Q2_holdoff_disable
  • DISPATCH-2185 - HTTP/1.x crash on message content sys_mutex_lock fail
  • DISPATCH-2186 - Pytest runner reports test collection warnings which proved to be misleading to the unwarry
  • DISPATCH-2189 - HTTP/1.x hangs if client sends "Expect: 100-continue" header
  • DISPATCH-2191 - Count only body buffers when considering q2. Do not count header buffers
  • DISPATCH-2192 - Streaming link leak during TCP + iperf3 testing
  • DISPATCH-2204 - RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
  • DISPATCH-2207 - Leak of qd_connector_t (coverity)
  • DISPATCH-2209 - HTTP/1.x - fix meta-headers types and values for consistency with HTTP/2