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Qpid Proton 0.37.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-2308 - [cpp] Add support for setting Dynamic Node Properties
  • PROTON-2447 - Add new internal API pn_buffer_free_memory to get direct access to unused memory in buffer
  • PROTON-2448 - Implement a dumping AMQP values without using pn_data_t
  • PROTON-2449 - Remove unnecessary scratch string from pn_transport_t
  • PROTON-2450 - Generate correct relocatable pc files
  • PROTON-2451 - Reduce (ultimately eliminate) all use of the pn_data_t data structure in AMQP frame processing
  • PROTON-2453 - [proton-python] Fix socket.socket type annotations inconsistency found by MyPy
  • PROTON-2479 - Improve proactor read performance by actually resizing input buffer
  • PROTON-2481 - [cpp] Improve constructor syntax for maps
  • PROTON-2485 - [C++] More work to use C++11 features now that we can

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-2112 - segfault in epoll proactor shutdown
  • PROTON-2362 - c-threaderciser timed out on 32-core machine.
  • PROTON-2396 - [cpp] Seed in uuid.cpp can lead to duplicates
  • PROTON-2406 - [cpp] Use of reconnect_options::failover_urls triggers -Wdeprecated-declarations in examples/cpp/reconnect_client.cpp
  • PROTON-2436 - TSAN race in epoll.c post_event with raw connection
  • PROTON-2441 - [cpp] Crash upon reconnect when user passed empty vector to connection_options::failover_urls
  • PROTON-2455 - Workaround for bad use of pn_buffer_append in messenger library
  • PROTON-2456 - Bad example code was introduced in PROTON-2427
  • PROTON-2457 - Bugs found by os-fuzzer
  • PROTON-2468 - Fix some undefined behaviour found by ubsan
  • PROTON-2472 - assert epoll.c:2519: poller_do_epoll: Assertion `!p->sched_ready_first' failed.
  • PROTON-2482 - Proactor can seem to read nonsense
  • PROTON-2483 - TSAN reported potential deadlock in epoll proactor when run via Qpid Dispatch router.
  • PROTON-2484 - epoll proactor memory use after free
  • PROTON-2488 - [python] When tracing is active receiving a message with annotations fails
  • PROTON-2492 - Python module linking on recent macOS fails with clang unable to find -lssl
  • PROTON-2498 - Ruby binding fails to test with ruby 3.1
  • PROTON-2503 - [c] Memory leak found by fuzzing
  • PROTON-2511 - [python] Fatal Python error: deallocating None
  • PROTON-2514 - Error in decoding disposition frames
  • PROTON-2517 - The new C codec can misinterpret pn_data_t values resulting in unintended wire data.