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A received message. More...

#include <delivery.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for delivery:

Public Member Functions

class receiver receiver () const
 Return the receiver for this delivery.
void accept ()
 Settle with ACCEPTED state.
void reject ()
 Settle with REJECTED state.
void release ()
 Settle with RELEASED state.
void modify ()
 Settle with MODIFIED state.
binary tag () const
 Return the tag for this delivery.
- Public Member Functions inherited from transfer
 transfer ()
 Create an empty transfer.
enum state state () const
 Get the remote state for a delivery.
class session session () const
 Return the session for this transfer.
class connection connection () const
 Return the connection for this transfer.
class work_queuework_queue () const
 Get the work_queue for the transfer.
class containercontainer () const
 Return the container for this transfer.
void settle ()
 Settle the delivery; informs the remote end.
bool settled () const
 Return true if the transfer has been settled.
void user_data (void *user_data) const
 Set user data on this transfer.
void * user_data () const
 Get user data from this transfer.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from transfer
enum  state {
 Delivery state values. More...

Detailed Description

A received message.

A delivery attempt can fail. As a result, a particular message may correspond to multiple deliveries.

broker.cpp, client.cpp, direct_recv.cpp, helloworld.cpp, multithreaded_client.cpp, multithreaded_client_flow_control.cpp, server.cpp, server_direct.cpp, service_bus.cpp, simple_recv.cpp, tracing_client.cpp, and tracing_server.cpp.

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