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A span of time in milliseconds. More...

#include <duration.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for duration:

Public Types

typedef int64_t numeric_type
 A numeric type holding a value in milliseconds.

Public Member Functions

 duration (numeric_type ms=0)
 Construct from a value in milliseconds.
durationoperator= (numeric_type ms)
 Assign a value in milliseconds.
numeric_type milliseconds () const
 Get the value in milliseconds.

Static Public Attributes

static const duration FOREVER
 Wait forever.
static const duration IMMEDIATE
 Don't wait at all.
static const duration SECOND
 One second.
static const duration MILLISECOND
 One millisecond.
static const duration MINUTE
 One minute.

Detailed Description

A span of time in milliseconds.

scheduled_send.cpp, scheduled_send_03.cpp, and service_bus.cpp.

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