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A tracker for a sent message. More...

#include <tracker.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for tracker:

Public Member Functions

 tracker ()=default
 Create an empty tracker.
class sender sender () const
 Get the sender for this tracker.
binary tag () const
 Get the tag for this tracker.
- Public Member Functions inherited from transfer
 transfer ()
 Create an empty transfer.
enum state state () const
 Get the remote state for a delivery.
class session session () const
 Return the session for this transfer.
class connection connection () const
 Return the connection for this transfer.
class work_queuework_queue () const
 Get the work_queue for the transfer.
class containercontainer () const
 Return the container for this transfer.
void settle ()
 Settle the delivery; informs the remote end.
bool settled () const
 Return true if the transfer has been settled.
void user_data (void *user_data) const
 Set user data on this transfer.
void * user_data () const
 Get user data from this transfer.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from transfer
enum  state {
 Delivery state values. More...

Detailed Description

A tracker for a sent message.

Every tracker exists within the context of a sender.

A delivery attempt can fail. As a result, a particular message may correspond to multiple trackers.

direct_send.cpp, service_bus.cpp, and simple_send.cpp.

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