Qpid Proton C++ API 0.39.0
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directory  codec
directory  internal
directory  io


file  annotation_key.hpp [code]
 A key for use with AMQP annotation maps.
file  binary.hpp [code]
 Arbitrary binary data.
file  byte_array.hpp [code]
 Arbitrary fixed-size data.
file  connect_config.hpp [code]
file  connection.hpp [code]
 A connection to a remote AMQP peer.
file  connection_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a connection.
file  container.hpp [code]
 A top-level container of connections, sessions, and links.
file  decimal.hpp [code]
 AMQP decimal types.
file  default_container.hpp [code]
 Deprecated - Use the API in container.hpp.
file  delivery.hpp [code]
 A received message.
file  delivery_mode.hpp [code]
 The message delivery policy to establish when opening a link.
file  duration.hpp [code]
 A span of time in milliseconds.
file  endpoint.hpp [code]
 The base class for session, connection, and link.
file  error.hpp [code]
 The base Proton error.
file  error_condition.hpp [code]
 Describes an endpoint error state.
file  function.hpp [code]
 Deprecated - Use the API in work_queue.hpp.
file  fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations.
file  link.hpp [code]
file  listen_handler.hpp [code]
 Unsettled API - A handler for incoming connections.
file  listener.hpp [code]
 A listener for incoming connections.
file  map.hpp [code]
 A collection of key-value pairs.
file  message.hpp [code]
 An AMQP message.
file  message_id.hpp [code]
 An AMQP message ID.
file  messaging_handler.hpp [code]
 Handler for Proton messaging events.
file  namespaces.hpp [code]
 Namespace declarations.
file  null.hpp [code]
 The type of the AMQP null value.
file  receiver.hpp [code]
 A channel for receiving messages.
file  receiver_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a receiver.
file  reconnect_options.hpp [code]
 Unsettled API - Options for reconnect and failover after connection loss.
file  returned.hpp [code]
 A return type for container methods.
file  sasl.hpp [code]
 SASL information.
file  scalar.hpp [code]
 A holder for an instance of any scalar AMQP type.
file  scalar_base.hpp [code]
 The base class for scalar types.
file  sender.hpp [code]
 A channel for sending messages.
file  sender_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a sender.
file  session.hpp [code]
 A container of senders and receivers.
file  session_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a session.
file  source.hpp [code]
 A point of origin for messages.
file  source_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a source node for a sender or receiver.
file  ssl.hpp [code]
 SSL information.
file  symbol.hpp [code]
 A string that represents the AMQP symbol type.
file  target.hpp [code]
 A destination for messages.
file  target_options.hpp [code]
 Options for creating a target node for a sender or receiver.
file  terminus.hpp [code]
 One end of a link, either a source or a target.
file  thread_safe.hpp [code]
 Deprecated - No longer used.
file  timestamp.hpp [code]
 A 64-bit timestamp in milliseconds since the Unix epoch.
file  tracing.hpp [code]
file  tracker.hpp [code]
 A tracker for a sent message.
file  transfer.hpp [code]
 The base class for delivery and tracker.
file  transport.hpp [code]
 A network channel supporting an AMQP connection.
file  type_id.hpp [code]
 Type IDs for AMQP data types.
file  types.hpp [code]
 Proton types used to represent AMQP types.
file  types_fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations for Proton types used to represent AMQP types.
file  url.hpp [code]
 Deprecated - Use a third-party URL library.
file  uuid.hpp [code]
 A 16-byte universally unique identifier.
file  value.hpp [code]
 A holder for any AMQP value, simple or complex.
file  work_queue.hpp [code]
 Unsettled API - A context for thread-safe execution of work.