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Qpid Proton 0.39.0 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

New features and improvements

  • PROTON-2183 - [cpp client] No messaging_handler callback for aborted messages
  • PROTON-2657 - [cpp] Accessors for user data on endpoints and deliveries
  • PROTON-2663 - class ssl_client_options does not have a constructor for a custom client certificate, and default certificate trust database
  • PROTON-2665 - [C++] Make the broker example more idiomatic by using C++11 lambdas
  • PROTON-2666 - [C++] Allow more python examples to run using the C++ broker example
  • PROTON-2668 - Change versions of Python used/supported
  • PROTON-2669 - Change version of cmake supported to 3.16 and up
  • PROTON-2674 - Remove some deprecated python bindings
  • PROTON-2675 - Remove unnecessary string conversions
  • PROTON-2678 - Use Python Limited API and create universal wheel when building Qpid Proton Python client
  • PROTON-2706 - [Python] Allow setting the container id for containers/connections
  • PROTON-2708 - New proactor APIs to query event batch for subject
  • PROTON-2709 - Settle delivered messages in the C sender example

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-2401 - on_link_closed is not called when remote detaches link and locally link is also closed.
  • PROTON-2643 - SSL connection hanging
  • PROTON-2653 - [cpp] Can't see tracing documentation on public website.
  • PROTON-2658 - Proton TLS library - buffer leak on cleanup
  • PROTON-2664 - Frame dumps get truncated by attempting to output 0 length AMQP strings
  • PROTON-2667 - Various CI python test failures
  • PROTON-2673 - Proactor hangs if pn_raw_connection_wake() is called with outstanding connection attempt
  • PROTON-2676 - Make python server examples use ANONYMOUS-RELAY correctly
  • PROTON-2677 - cpp-example-container test failure
  • PROTON-2679 - Parallel build of python bindings occasionally fails
  • PROTON-2684 - CFFI related TypeError: '%x format: an integer is required, not _cffi_backend._CDataBase'
  • PROTON-2690 - [Python] The desired and offered capabilities field in open performative should be symbol array or symbol
  • PROTON-2691 - Clang compilation error: a function declaration without a prototype is deprecated in all versions of C [-Werror,-Wstrict-prototypes]
  • PROTON-2695 - Epoll proactor raw connections hang on incomplete batches
  • PROTON-2699 - Turn off proactor fdlimit test by default
  • PROTON-2701 - [Python] Make python build respect BUILD_TESTING
  • PROTON-2704 - [Python] The examples test hangs
  • PROTON-2712 - [Python] Inconsistencies in binding type mappings
  • PROTON-2715 - Compilation failure on Fedora 38 with clang, cpp/examples/flow_control.cpp:65:18: error: variable 'i' set but not used [-Werror,-Wunused-but-set-variable]
  • PROTON-2716 - Warnings from opentelemetry-cpp propagate up and stop a -Werror build on Fedora 38 using vcpkg to get opentelemetry-cpp[jaeger]
  • PROTON-2736 - TLS OpenSSL library: hang with large application data frames