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Qpid ProtonJ2 1.0.0-M4 Release Notes

Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. More about Qpid Proton.

For more information about this release, including download links and documentation, see the release overview.

Bugs fixed

  • PROTON-2452 - Connection Dynamic Receiver create API not applying user configuration in all cases
  • PROTON-2454 - Singular body section not always cleared when bulk adding multiple sections
  • PROTON-2462 - Incorrect error message in stream receiver message for AMQP value bodies not readable
  • PROTON-2463 - Update Netty dependencies to latest release


  • PROTON-2475 - Update test dependencies to latest releases
  • PROTON-2478 - Switch to slf4j-simple for logging in tests and examples