Interface EngineConfiguration

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    public interface EngineConfiguration
    Configuration options for the Engine
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      • setBufferAllocator

        EngineConfiguration setBufferAllocator​(ProtonBufferAllocator allocator)
        Sets the ProtonBufferAllocator used by this Engine.

        When copying data, encoding types or otherwise needing to allocate memory storage the Engine will use the assigned ProtonBufferAllocator. If no allocator is assigned the Engine will use the default allocator.

        allocator - The Allocator instance to use from this Engine.
        this EngineConfiguration for chaining.
      • setTraceFrames

        EngineConfiguration setTraceFrames​(boolean traceFrames)
        Enables AMQP frame tracing from engine to the system output. Depending on the underlying engine composition frame tracing may not be possible in which case this method will have no effect and the access method isTraceFrames() will return false.
        traceFrames - true to enable engine frame tracing, false to disable it.
        this EngineConfiguration for chaining.
      • isTraceFrames

        boolean isTraceFrames()
        true if the engine will emit frames to system output.