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These are the people who have built Qpid. We are grateful for their contributions. If you'd like to become a contributor, learn how to get involved.

Current committers

As of 28 September 2015, the following committers have been active in the past year.

  • Alan Conway
  • Andrew MacBean
  • Andrew Stitcher
  • Božo Dragojevic
  • Chuck Rolke
  • Cliff Jansen
  • Darryl Pierce
  • Dominic Evans
  • Ernie Allen
  • Fraser Adams
  • Gordon Sim
  • Jakub Scholz
  • Justin Ross
  • Keith Wall
  • Ken Giusti
  • Kim van der Riet
  • Mick Goulish
  • Oleksandr Rudyy
  • Pavel Moravec
  • Rafael Schloming
  • Rajith Attapattu
  • Rob Godfrey
  • Robbie Gemmell
  • Steve Huston
  • Ted Ross
  • Tim Bish

Past committers

  • Aidan Skinner
  • Andrea Gazzarini
  • Andrew Kennedy
  • Arnaud Simon
  • Carl Trieloff
  • Jim Meyering
  • John O'Hara
  • Jonathan Robie
  • Lahiru Gunathilake
  • Manuel Teira
  • Marnie McCormack
  • Martin Ritchie
  • Nuno Santos
  • Paul Fremantle
  • Phil Harvey
  • Robert Greig
  • Rupert Smith
  • Weston Price
  • Yoav Shapira

Other contributors

  • Bhupendra Bhardwaj
  • Colin Crist
  • Ernie Allen
  • Kevin Smith
  • Steve Vinoski
  • Steven Shaw
  • Tomas Restrepo

Project mentors

  • Cliff Schmidt
  • Craig Russell
  • Paul Fremantle
  • Scott Deboy
  • Yoav Shapira


Thanks to the following companies for letting us use their software to improve ours.

  • Coverity for granting us use of their static analysis tools for Qpid C++ and Qpid for Java code.

  • ej-technologies for giving us a free team license for profiling Qpid for Java code.

  • Headway Software for giving us free licenses of Structure101 for analyzing and managing the architecture of Qpid for Java code.

Apache sponsors

As a member of the Apache Software Foundation, Qpid would like to thank the sponsors who generously support its ongoing work.