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Get Involved

Use our software

Our code is open source, free to use, and built to help you solve problems. Download Qpid and try it.

Tell us about problems

If everything just works, great! If not, tell us what's wrong. You can ask questions on the Qpid mailing lists or report a bug.

Follow what's happening

Qpid is an active community. There's ongoing development of new features, lots of bug fixing, and discussion of messaging architecture. Subscribe to our mailing lists to watch our progress and voice your opinion.

Make Qpid work for you

Each new user brings new scenarios and new challenges. Maybe Qpid doesn't do something that you need. Since Qpid is open source, you can make Qpid do what you need. Write a patch and send it to us. If you want guidance, discuss it with us.


  • Fix bugs - Reporting bugs is a considerable service to us. Sending patches is even better.

  • Test new releases - Each new release goes through a long period of user testing, and we could use your feedback. Tell us if it works in your environment, for your application.

  • Write documentation - Good documentation is as important as good code. If you excel at clear communication, consider focusing your talents on our documentation.

  • Add a language binding - Qpid's APIs support many languages, but if it doesn't support yours, lend your knowledge and develop a new binding.

  • Develop new components - If you have an idea and a need for a new component that speaks AMQP, you can build and host it at Qpid.

  • Package Qpid for new environments - Maybe Qpid isn't available from the package repository for your OS or language. We want Qpid to be everywhere and just a few clicks away. We value any expertise you have in offering Qpid in new places.

  • Tell others about Qpid - We think Qpid is good stuff, and more people ought to know about it. If you use Qpid to do something cool, tell others about it in a blog post, news article, or your project's website. We really appreciate it.