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11.2. Virtualhost Node

To perform a complete backup of a Virtualhost node whilst it is stopped (or Broker down), simply copy all the files the exist beneath ${QPID_WORK}/<nodename>/config, assuming the virtualhost node is in the standard location. This will copy all configuration that belongs to that virtualhost node.

The technique for backing up a virtualhost node whilst it is running depends on its type.

11.2.1. BDB

BDB module includes the "hot" backup utility This utility can perform the backup when the broker is running.

You can run this class from command line like in an example below:

Example 11.1. Performing store backup by using BDBBackup class directly

java -cp "${QPID_HOME}/lib/*" \
-fromdir ${QPID_WORK}/<nodename>/config -todir path/to/backup/folder

In the example above BDBBackup utility is called to backup the store at ${QPID_WORK}/<nodename>/config and copy store logs into path/to/backup/folder.

11.2.2. BDB-HA

See Section 11.2.1, “BDB”


BDB-HA VirtualHost node backups are node specific. You cannot use the backup of one node to recover a different node. To backup a group a backup of each node needs to be taken separately.

11.2.3. Derby

Not yet supported

11.2.4. JDBC

The responsibility for backup is delegated to the database server itself. See the documentation accompanying it. Any technique that takes a consistent snapshot of the database is acceptable.

11.2.5. JSON

JSON stores its config in a single text file. It can be safely backed up using standard command line tools.