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C.4. Binding Management

These extensions allow bindings to be created or removed.

C.4.1. Binding creation

The following example illustrates the creation of queue binding to topic exchange with JMS client.

Example C.4. Binding a queue using JMS

ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = ...
Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
AMQSession<?, ?> session = (AMQSession<?,?>)connection.createSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);


AMQShortString queueName = new AMQShortString("testQueue");
AMQShortString routingKey = new AMQShortString("testRoutingKey");
AMQDestination destination = (AMQDestination) session.createQueue(queueName.asString());


// binding arguments
Map<String, Object> arguments = new HashMap<String, Object>();
arguments.put("x-filter-jms-selector", "application='app1'");

// create binding
session.bindQueue(queueName, routingKey, FieldTable.convertToFieldTable(arguments),
    new AMQShortString("amq.topic"), destination);