Qpid Proton C++ API  0.33.0

A channel for receiving messages. More...

#include <receiver.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for receiver:
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Public Member Functions

 receiver ()
 Create an empty receiver.
void open ()
 Open the receiver.
void open (const receiver_options &opts)
 Open the receiver. More...
class source source () const
 Get the source node.
class target target () const
 Get the target node.
void add_credit (uint32_t)
 Increment the credit available to the sender. More...
void drain ()
 Unsettled API - Commence a drain cycle. More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ open()

void open ( const receiver_options opts)

Open the receiver.

◆ add_credit()

void add_credit ( uint32_t  )

Increment the credit available to the sender.

Credit granted during a drain cycle is not communicated to the receiver until the drain completes.


◆ drain()

void drain ( )

Unsettled API - Commence a drain cycle.

If there is positive credit, a request is sent to the sender to immediately use up all of the existing credit balance by sending messages that are immediately available and releasing any unused credit (see sender::return_credit). Throws proton::error if a drain cycle is already in progress. An on_receiver_drain_finish event will be generated when the outstanding drained credit reaches zero.

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