Qpid Proton C++ API  0.33.0

A container of senders and receivers. More...

#include <session.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 session ()
 Create an empty session.
bool uninitialized () const
 True if the local end is uninitialized.
bool active () const
 True if the local end is active.
bool closed () const
 True if the local and remote ends are closed.
class error_condition error () const
 Get the error condition of the remote endpoint.
void open ()
 Open the session.
void open (const session_options &opts)
 Open the session. More...
void close ()
 Close the endpoint.
void close (const error_condition &)
 Close the endpoint with an error condition.
class containercontainer () const
 Get the container for this session.
class work_queuework_queue () const
 Get the work_queue for the session.
class connection connection () const
 Get the connection this session belongs to.
sender open_sender (const std::string &addr)
 Open a sender for addr.
sender open_sender (const std::string &addr, const sender_options &opts)
 Open a sender for addr. More...
receiver open_receiver (const std::string &addr)
 Open a receiver for addr.
receiver open_receiver (const std::string &addr, const receiver_options &opts)
 Open a receiver for addr. More...
size_t incoming_bytes () const
 The number of incoming bytes currently buffered.
size_t outgoing_bytes () const
 The number of outgoing bytes currently buffered.
sender_range senders () const
 Return the senders on this session.
receiver_range receivers () const
 Return the receivers on this session.

Detailed Description

A container of senders and receivers.


Member Function Documentation

◆ open()

void open ( const session_options opts)

Open the session.

◆ open_sender()

sender open_sender ( const std::string &  addr,
const sender_options opts 

Open a sender for addr.

◆ open_receiver()

receiver open_receiver ( const std::string &  addr,
const receiver_options opts 

Open a receiver for addr.

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