Qpid Proton C API 0.39.0
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tls.h File Reference
#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <proton/raw_connection.h>

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#define PN_TLS_OK
 Error codes. More...
 Failure in initialization, unrelated to activity with the peer.
 Failure in the TLS protocol between peers.
 Peer authentication failure.
 Requested action not possible due to session state.


typedef struct pn_tls_config_t pn_tls_config_t
 API for using TLS separate from AMQP connections. More...
typedef struct pn_tls_t pn_tls_t


enum  pn_tls_mode_t { PN_TLS_MODE_CLIENT , PN_TLS_MODE_SERVER }
 Determines the type of TLS endpoint. More...
 Determines the level of peer validation. More...
enum  pn_tls_cert_subject_subfield {
 Enumeration identifying the sub fields of the subject field in the tls certificate.
enum  pn_tls_hash_alg { PN_TLS_SHA1 , PN_TLS_SHA256 , PN_TLS_SHA512 , PN_TLS_MD5 }
 Enumeration identifying hashing algorithm.


PN_TLS_EXTERN pn_tls_config_tpn_tls_config (pn_tls_mode_t mode)
 Create an TLS configuration domain. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_config_free (pn_tls_config_t *domain)
 Release an TLS configuration domain. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_config_set_credentials (pn_tls_config_t *domain, const char *credential_1, const char *credential_2, const char *password)
 Set the certificate that identifies the local node to the remote. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_config_set_trusted_certs (pn_tls_config_t *domain, const char *certificate_db)
 Configure the set of trusted CA certificates used by this domain to verify peers. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_config_set_peer_authentication (pn_tls_config_t *domain, const pn_tls_verify_mode_t mode, const char *trusted_CAs)
 Configure the level of verification used on the peer certificate. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_config_set_impl_ciphers (pn_tls_config_t *domain, const char *ciphers)
 Configure the list of permitted ciphers. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN pn_tls_tpn_tls (pn_tls_config_t *domain)
 Create a new TLS session object derived from a domain. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_start (pn_tls_t *tls)
 Start a TLS session. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_free (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_get_cipher (pn_tls_t *tls, const char **cipher, size_t *size)
 Get the name of the Cipher that is currently in use. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_get_ssf (pn_tls_t *tls)
 Get the SSF (security strength factor) of the Cipher that is currently in use. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_get_protocol_version (pn_tls_t *tls, const char **version, size_t *size)
 Get the name of the TLS protocol that is currently in use. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_set_peer_hostname (pn_tls_t *tls, const char *hostname)
 Set the expected identity of the remote peer. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_get_peer_hostname (pn_tls_t *tls, char *hostname, size_t *bufsize)
 Access the configured peer identity. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN const char * pn_tls_get_remote_subject (pn_tls_t *tls)
 Get the subject from the peers certificate. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_get_cert_fingerprint (pn_tls_t *tls0, char *fingerprint, size_t fingerprint_length, pn_tls_hash_alg hash_alg)
 Get the fingerprint of the certificate. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN const char * pn_tls_get_remote_subject_subfield (pn_tls_t *tls, pn_tls_cert_subject_subfield field)
 Returns a char pointer that contains the value of the sub field of the subject field in the tls certificate. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_is_encrypt_output_pending (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_is_decrypt_output_pending (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_is_secure (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_give_encrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t const *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_give_decrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t const *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_take_decrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_take_encrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_give_encrypt_input_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t const *bufs, size_t count_bufs)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_give_decrypt_input_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t const *bufs, size_t count_bufs)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_take_encrypt_input_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_take_decrypt_input_buffers (pn_tls_t *, pn_raw_buffer_t *, size_t count)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_encrypt_input_buffer_capacity (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_decrypt_input_buffer_capacity (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_need_encrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_need_decrypt_output_buffers (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_encrypt_output_buffer_capacity (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_decrypt_output_buffer_capacity (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_decrypt_output_buffer_count (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_encrypt_output_buffer_count (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN uint32_t pn_tls_get_last_decrypt_output_buffer_size (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN uint32_t pn_tls_get_last_encrypt_output_buffer_size (pn_tls_t *)
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_set_encrypt_input_buffer_max_capacity (pn_tls_t *, size_t s)
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_set_decrypt_input_buffer_max_capacity (pn_tls_t *, size_t s)
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_set_encrypt_output_buffer_max_capacity (pn_tls_t *, size_t s)
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_set_decrypt_output_buffer_max_capacity (pn_tls_t *, size_t s)
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_process (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_stop (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_is_input_closed (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN void pn_tls_close_output (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_get_session_error (pn_tls_t *tls)
PN_TLS_EXTERN size_t pn_tls_get_session_error_string (pn_tls_t *tls, char *buf, size_t buf_len)
PN_TLS_EXTERN int pn_tls_config_set_alpn_protocols (pn_tls_config_t *domain, const char **protocols, size_t protocol_count)
 Provide an ordered list of application protols for RFC 7301 negotiation. More...
PN_TLS_EXTERN bool pn_tls_get_alpn_protocol (pn_tls_t *tls, const char **protocol_name, size_t *size)
 Get the name of the negotiated application protocol. More...

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