Qpid Proton C API 0.39.0
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proton Directory Reference


file  cid.h [code]
file  codec.h [code]
 AMQP data encoding and decoding.
file  condition.h [code]
 An endpoint error state.
file  connection.h [code]
 A connection to a remote AMQP peer.
file  connection_driver.h [code]
 Unsettled API - An API for low-level IO integration.
file  delivery.h [code]
 A message transfer.
file  disposition.h [code]
 A delivery state.
file  engine.h [code]
file  error.h [code]
 A Proton API error.
file  event.h [code]
 Protocol and transport events.
file  handlers.h [code]
file  import_export.h [code]
file  link.h [code]
file  listener.h [code]
 Unsettled API - A listener for incoming connections.
file  log.h [code]
file  logger.h [code]
 Facility for logging messages.
file  message.h [code]
 A mutable holder of application content.
file  messenger.h [code]
 Deprecated - Use the Proactor API or Qpid Proton C++.
file  netaddr.h [code]
 Unsettled API - The network address of a proactor transport.
file  object.h [code]
file  proactor.h [code]
 Unsettled API - An API for multithreaded IO.
file  raw_connection.h [code]
file  reactor.h [code]
file  sasl.h [code]
 SASL secure transport layer.
file  sasl_plugin.h [code]
file  selectable.h [code]
file  session.h [code]
 A container of links.
file  ssl.h [code]
 SSL secure transport layer.
file  terminus.h [code]
 A source or target for messages.
file  tls.h [code]
file  transport.h [code]
 A network channel supporting an AMQP connection.
file  type_compat.h [code]
file  types.h [code]
 AMQP and API data types.
file  url.h [code]
 Deprecated - Use a third-party URL library.