Qpid Proton C API 0.39.0
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types.h File Reference

AMQP and API data types. More...

#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <proton/type_compat.h>

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struct  pn_decimal128_t
 A 128-bit decimal floating-point number. More...
struct  pn_uuid_t
 A 16-byte universally unique identifier. More...
struct  pn_bytes_t
 A const byte buffer. More...
struct  pn_rwbytes_t
 A non-const byte buffer. More...


 The maximum value for pn_millis_t.


typedef uint32_t pn_sequence_t
 A sequence number.
typedef uint32_t pn_millis_t
 A span of time in milliseconds.
typedef uint32_t pn_seconds_t
 A span of time in seconds.
typedef int64_t pn_timestamp_t
 A 64-bit timestamp in milliseconds since the Unix epoch.
typedef uint32_t pn_char_t
 A 32-bit Unicode code point.
typedef uint32_t pn_decimal32_t
 A 32-bit decimal floating-point number.
typedef uint64_t pn_decimal64_t
 A 64-bit decimal floating-point number.
typedef int pn_state_t
 Holds the state flags for an AMQP endpoint. More...
typedef struct pn_connection_t pn_connection_t
 An AMQP Connection object. More...
typedef struct pn_session_t pn_session_t
 An AMQP Session object. More...
typedef struct pn_link_t pn_link_t
 An AMQP Link object. More...
typedef struct pn_delivery_t pn_delivery_t
 An AMQP Delivery object. More...
typedef struct pn_collector_t pn_collector_t
 An event collector. More...
typedef struct pn_listener_t pn_listener_t
 A listener for incoming connections.
typedef struct pn_transport_t pn_transport_t
 A network channel supporting an AMQP connection. More...
typedef struct pn_proactor_t pn_proactor_t
 A harness for multithreaded IO.
typedef struct pn_raw_connection_t pn_raw_connection_t
 A raw network connection used with the proactor.
typedef struct pn_event_batch_t pn_event_batch_t
 A batch of events that must be handled in sequence. More...
typedef const void * pn_handle_t
 A type to represent the internal navigational state of a proton object.
typedef struct pn_class_t pn_class_t
 A type representing the type of a proton internal object.
typedef struct pn_record_t pn_record_t
 A type representing attached context information.


pn_bytes_t pn_bytes (size_t size, const char *start)
 Create a pn_bytes_t. More...
pn_rwbytes_t pn_rwbytes (size_t size, char *start)
 Create a pn_rwbytes_t. More...


const pn_bytes_t pn_bytes_null
const pn_rwbytes_t pn_rwbytes_null

Detailed Description

AMQP and API data types.