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5.6. Customising Configuration using Configuration Properties

It is possible for 'Initial Configuration' (and Configuration Store) files to contain ${properties} that can be resolved to String values at startup, allowing a degree of customisation using a fixed file. Configuration Property values can be set either via Java System Properties, or by specifying ConfigurationProperties on the broker command line. If both are defined, System Property values take precedence.

The broker has the following set of core configuration properties, with the indicated default values if not otherwise configured by the user:

Table 5.1. Base Configuration Properties

Name Description Value
qpid.amqp_port Port number used for the brokers default AMQP messaging port "5672"
qpid.http_port Port number used for the brokers default HTTP management port "8080"
qpid.home_dir Location of the broker installation directory, which contains the 'lib' directory and the 'etc' directory often used to store files such as group and ACL files. Defaults to the value set into the QPID_HOME system property if it is set, or remains unset otherwise unless configured by the user.
qpid.work_dir Location of the broker working directory, which might contain the persistent message store and broker configuration store files. Defaults to the value set into the QPID_WORK system property if it is set, or the 'work' subdirectory of the JVMs current working directory.

Use of these core properties can be seen in the default 'Initial Configuration' example.

Configuration Properties can be set on the command line using the -prop (or --configuration-property) command line argument:

$ ./qpid-server -prop "qpid.amqp_port=10000" -prop "qpid.http_port=10001"

In the example above, property used to set the port number of the default AMQP port is specified with the value 10000, overriding the default value of 5672, and similarly the value 10001 is used to override the default HTTP port number of 8080. When using the 'Initial Configuration' to initialise a new Configuration Store at first broker startup these new values will be used for the port numbers instead.

NOTE: When running the broker on Windows and starting it via the qpid-server.bat file, the "name=value" argument MUST be quoted.