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Chapter 5. Initial Configuration

5.1. Introduction

This section describes how to perform initial configuration on the command line. Once the Broker is started, subsequent management is performed using the Management interfaces

The configuration for each component is stored as an entry in the broker configuration store, currently implemented as a JSON file which persists changes to disk, BDB or Derby database or an in-memory store which does not. The following components configuration is stored there:

  • Broker

  • Virtual Host Nodes

  • Loggers

  • Ports

  • Authentication Providers (optionally with Users for managing users Authentication Providers)

  • Access Control Providers

  • User Connection Limit Providers

  • Group Providers (optionally with Groups and GroupMembers for managing groups Group Providers)

  • Key stores

  • Trust stores

  • Plugins

Broker startup involves two configuration related items, the 'Initial Configuration' and the Configuration Store. When the broker is started, if a Configuration Store does not exist at the current store location then one will be initialised with the current 'Initial Configuration'. Subsequent broker restarts will use the existing configuration store and ignore the contents of the 'Initial Configuration'.