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5.5. Configuration Store Type

There are currently several implementations of the pluggable Broker Configuration Store:


the default one which persists content to disk in a JSON file


operates only in-memory and so does not retain changes across broker restarts and always relies on the current 'Initial Configuration' to provide the configuration to start the broker with.


stores configuration in embedded derby store


stores configuration in Berkeley DB store


stores configuration in external RDBMS using JDBC

The command line argument -st (or --store-type) can be used to override the default json)configuration store type and allow choosing an alternative, such as Memory)

$ ./qpid-server -st memory

This can be useful when running tests, or always wishing to start the broker with the same 'Initial Configuration'

Another example of broker startup with configuration in DERBY network server

$ ./qpid-server -st JDBC \
  -prop "systemConfig.connectionUrl=jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/path/to/store;create=true" \
  -prop "systemConfig.username=test" -prop "systemConfig.password=password"