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Chapter 11. Logging

The Client uses the Apache SLF4J logging framework. All logging activity created by the client is directed through the SLF4J API. SLF4J is a is a façade for other common logging frameworks. This makes it easy for application authors to use their prefered logging framework in their application stack, and have the Client use it too.

SLF4J suppplies bindings for many common logging frameworks (JUL, Apache Log4J, Logback.

Include the SLF4J binding corresponding to the logging framework of your choosen logging framework on classpath. For full details, see the SLF4J documentation.

11.1. Recommended Production Logging Level

In production, it is recommended that you configure your logging framework is configured with logger org.apache.qpid set to WARN.

If you are using Apache Log4j with a file, this simply means adding the following line:


If you are using another logging framework, or you are using Log4j but configuring in another manner, refer to the documentation accompanying the logging framework for details of how to proceed.