Qpid Proton C API 0.39.0
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listener.h File Reference

Unsettled API - A listener for incoming connections. More...

#include <proton/import_export.h>
#include <proton/types.h>
#include <proton/event.h>

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PNP_EXTERN pn_listener_tpn_listener (void)
 Create a listener to pass to pn_proactor_listen() More...
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_free (pn_listener_t *l)
 Free a listener. More...
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_accept2 (pn_listener_t *listener, pn_connection_t *connection, pn_transport_t *transport)
 Accept an incoming connection request using transport and connection, which can be configured before the call. More...
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_accept (pn_listener_t *listener, pn_connection_t *connection)
 Deprecated - Use pn_listener_accept2().
PNP_EXTERN pn_condition_tpn_listener_condition (pn_listener_t *l)
 Get the error condition for a listener.
PNP_EXTERN void * pn_listener_get_context (pn_listener_t *listener)
 Get the application context associated with this listener object. More...
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_set_context (pn_listener_t *listener, void *context)
 Set a new application context for a listener object. More...
PNP_EXTERN pn_record_tpn_listener_attachments (pn_listener_t *listener)
 Get the attachments that are associated with a listener object.
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_close (pn_listener_t *l)
 Close the listener. More...
PNP_EXTERN pn_proactor_tpn_listener_proactor (pn_listener_t *c)
 The proactor associated with a listener.
PNP_EXTERN pn_listener_tpn_event_listener (pn_event_t *event)
 Return the listener associated with an event. More...
PNP_EXTERN void pn_listener_raw_accept (pn_listener_t *listener, pn_raw_connection_t *raw_connection)
 Accept an incoming connection request as a raw connection. More...

Detailed Description

Unsettled API - A listener for incoming connections.