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5.4. Creating an 'Initial Configuration' JSON File

It is possible to have the broker output its default internal 'Initial Configuration' file to disk using the command line argument -cic (or --create-initial-config). If the option is used without providing a path, a file called initial-config.json will be created in the current directory, or alternatively the file can be created at a specified location:

$ ./qpid-server -cic ./initial-config.json

The 'Initial Configuration' JSON file shares a common format with the brokers JSON Configuration Store implementation, so it is possible to use a Broker's Configuration Store output as an initial configuration. Typically 'Initial Configuration' files would not to contain IDs for the configured entities, so that IDs will be generated when the configuration store is initialised and prevent use of the same IDs across multiple brokers, however it may prove useful to include IDs if using the Memory Configuration Store Type.

It can be useful to use Configuration Properties within 'Initial Configuration' files to allow a degree of customisation with an otherwise fixed file.

For an example file, see Section 5.7, “Example of JSON 'Initial Configuration'”